TULSA, Oklahoma - Police say a man is dead following a standoff at a South Tulsa condominium Thursday morning. 

Tulsa Police say the man, identified as Terence Moses, opened fire as they entered a condominium where they believed he was holding a woman against her will.

Tulsa Police Captain Ryan Perkins said originally there were three people inside of the condo. 

Moses, his ex-wife, identified as Sykeo Xiong, 22, and a third person, Moses' girlfriend who identified herself to Tulsa Police when she left the condo early Thursday.

The standoff began at about 1 a.m. when Tulsa Police were notified by the Rogers County Sheriff's Office that Xiong might have been held against her will at the condo by Moses.

Captain Perkins says they heard a woman's scream and entered the condominium at about 6:45 a.m.  They were able to get Xiong to safety, but they say Moses fired several shots at them.

After getting Xiong out, police waited for several hours before they tossed tear gas into the condo.  Once they entered, they found Moses dead.

Captain Perkins believe Moses died from a self inflicted gunshot wound or an accidental discharge.  He said Tulsa Police officers say they did not fire.

The incident began late Wednesday when Xiong's relatives became concerned for her safety.  They saw her arguing with Moses Wednesday afternoon.

When they couldn't contact her later, they called the sheriff's office, which contacted Tulsa Police. Tulsa Police went to Moses' condo at 67th and Peoria, where they spotted Xiong's car.

According to court records, Xiong and Moses were married in June 2010, but filed for divorce five months later. The divorce was official in October 2011.

The Tulsa Police Department's Special Operations Team and Bomb Squad were dispatched to the scene.