TULSA, Oklahoma - Child neglect charges have been filed against a Tulsa woman after her baby was born addicted to cocaine a few weeks ago. She was arrested Wednesday evening.

What makes this case so unusual is that it's her seventh baby that's been either born addicted to drugs or taken away for abuse.

District attorney Tim Harris says enough is enough, and this case is no longer just a matter for DHS but also the courts. The case is now in his office.

Records show 34-year-old Daiquiri Miller has been booked into the Tulsa County jail 14 different times. Police say most of her arrests involved drugs and prostitution.

She has also given birth to seven children; the most recent on March 31st of this year, a girl who police say was born addicted to cocaine.

"The mother did admit to her doctor that she had used cocaine on a nearly daily basis while pregnant and did not have prenatal care, other than one appointment 10 weeks before birth," Tulsa Police Corporal Greg Smith said.

Records show Miller had a baby girl in 1997, who was taken away at three months old by DHS because of a broken leg.

They show she had a baby boy two years later, who was born addicted to crack cocaine and marijuana. The next year, she had a girl who tested positive at birth to marijuana.

In 2006, she had another girl, and this one made it four months before being removed.

"She was found in an alley with her mom and the boyfriend," Smith said. "They were both smoking crack cocaine with the four month old in the van with them at night."

Three years later in 2009, she had a baby who was born addicted to crack. In 2010, she had another baby addicted to crack at birth, and last month, a girl addicted to cocaine.

Normally, DHS works with mothers to get them rehab and to get clean, but because this pattern is so terrible, this mother now faces felony charges.

"This mother has shown it's not going to work," Smith said. "She doesn't care. Drugs are more important than her children. She's going to keep having drug addicted babies."

Miller has been charged with neglect for her last three babies born addicted to drugs. The DA can't file charges for the other four children, because the statute of limitations. The next step is for an arrest warrant to be issued for Miller.