The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said it received a complaint Tuesday morning about inappropriate behavior involving a deputy.

According to jail documents, a woman said Deputy Gerald Nuckolls had shown up at her home in the 5600 block of north Utica Place around 4 a.m. Tuesday in full uniform. He said he was there to investigate a 911 hang up.

The arrest report says Nuckolls took one of the two women at the home into his patrol SUV and questioned her. The woman who filed the complaint said Nuckolls and the other woman were in the SUV, in the dark, for quite some time.

Once they got out, Nuckolls asked the homeowner about drugs in the home and she gave him permission to search the house, but found nothing, according to the report.

Nuckolls and the homeowner then entered the garage where the report says he asked if she was wearing a bra then reached up and pulled her dress down.

The woman said she pulled her dress up and Nuckolls started to touch himself then exposed himself.

The report says Nuckolls then finished his investigation and said he “would be back at 0800 when he got off work to check on her.”

According to the report, after Nuckolls left the homeowner spoke with the woman who had been Nuckolls patrol SUV with him and she said he exposed himself to her as well. She told the homeowner Nuckolls made her touch him saying it would keep her boyfriend out of jail.

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said Undersheriff Tim Albin immediately launched an investigation and placed Nuckolls on administrative leave.

The sheriff's office said the deputy admitted to exposing himself and inappropriately touching one of the women.

Nuckolls also said, according to the report, that he has had sexual-type activity with about six women during traffic stops or calls. The report says he admitted to exposing himself to several of the women and sending nude pictures of himself to them and obtaining nude pictures of the women.

Nuckolls said his personal computer had the evidence, according to the report.

The sheriff's office said its investigation is continuing into those instances to determine if Deputy Gerald Nuckolls was on duty and acting in an official capacity when they took place.

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said they will hold a news conference Wednesday at 10 a.m. about the case.

Tuesday evening, jail records showed Nuckolls was being held in lieu of a $65,000 bond for one count of sexual assault and battery and one count of indecent exposure. As of Wednesday, a second count of sexual assault and battery was added, increasing his bond to $125,000. Jail records also show Nuckolls has a court appearance set for September 23, 2014.