TULSA, Oklahoma - The Tulsa State Fair is an important stop for any statewide candidate on the campaign trail. Both Republicans and Democrats have signs up and booths ready to draw in voters.

We're less than 60 days from Election Day and candidates will soon be making their rounds during the “11 Days of Awesome” at the Tulsa State Fair. It's one of the last chances for candidates to meet with people.

Volunteers at the booths inside the expo center said the big push is to get people registered to vote in time for the election.

Just off the busy midway at the Tulsa State Fair, campaign volunteers for republicans and democrats are hard at work. They're using the 11-day fair as a chance to register voters ahead of the November election.

"The main focus is registering voters. We have information on all of our candidates, but we want everyone to have their say and be registered to vote and get out there in November and vote,” said Mary Francis with the Tulsa County Democratic Party.

The Tulsa County Democrats are showcasing candidates on the west side of the expo center and on the east side of the building you'll find the Tulsa County Republicans hard at work.

"We're here to let everybody know that we're part of the community just like they are. We're here to help people register to vote, it doesn't matter what party, stop on by and register. We want to make sure everybody has a chance to be heard," said Cheryl Johnson with the Tulsa County Republican Party.

Candidates in statewide and local races will use the booths throughout the week to make their stump speeches and win over undecided voters.

When asked how important it is for candidates to work the Tulsa State Fair, Johnson said, “It's very important, very important. They need to let people know that they're approachable, that they're ready to been seen one-on-one and ready to answer questions.”

Potential voters have two weeks to register before the October deadline.

“This is the biggest and last massive population to register," Francis said.

Workers with parties say working the Tulsa State Fair is worth all the work.

Francis said, “It's awesomely exhausting, but it's fun. It's worth it and I love doing it for the cause I'm doing it for."

"On election years it's a real big deal,” said Johnson.

The voter registration deadline is October 10th.

Some candidates will be in town this weekend, but a good chunk, including those in the Governor's race, will be at the fair later next week.