CATOOSA, Oklahoma - Catoosa Public Schools asked about the possibility of a four-day school week, and many parents are providing input.

The district proposed the schedule change about two weeks ago as a way to cut costs, and the schools sent home surveys asking parents if they’d be for or against the four-day school week.

The district said it would save money on transportation and utilities, but it wanted to get parents' input first and 1,400 different families chimed in.

"I marked that I was for it. I don't work, so either way is fine with me. I understand they need cuts to save money," said parent Amy Dillard.

And, turns out, most parents sided with her.

According to a source, the school district got nearly 1,400 responses - 69 percent of them said yes they would be in favor of trying the new schedule while 31 percent said no.

Many parents against the proposal said they'd have to work out daycare or babysitting options for their child's extra day off.

But Daniel Contreras said he was thinking of the teachers when he circled yes.

"Less stress for the teachers, I thought, maybe they'd be able to give more attention to the kids those four days. So, ultimately, I thought it was a good idea," he said.

Dillard thought of all the extra family time she'd have with her three kids, all of them Catoosa students.

"I'd have more time with my kids. We could do more things, longer weekends," she said.

And her daughter Alissa, a sophomore, said it would give her more time to study.

"I think my test scores will probably improve because classes will be longer and stuff. I think it'll probably help scores for me," she said.

Even though parents said yes by a landslide, it’s still not a done deal.

The district said, next, it will decide whether to hold a public forum on the proposal and then the school board will vote.

If approved, the new schedule would go into effect in January.