TULSA, Oklahoma - A pair of barred owls is nesting in a midtown Tulsa neighborhood again and the whole world can watch, thanks to a tiny camera and the internet.

Jennifer Harmon is president of the Sonoma Midtown Neighborhood Association. She and her husband have been taking pictures and shooting video of the owls in the tree across the street for quite some time. They call them Owlbert and Sofie.

This year they installed a video camera barely larger than a quarter in the nest and are sharing the feed on ustream. The owls have their own Facebook page, called Barred Owls of Midtown Tulsa or BOOMT for short.

Sofie began laying eggs on March 5, 2016. Now the nest has three eggs which should be hatching any time now.

Jennifer told News On 6 reporter Rick Wells last year that the owls have brought the neighborhood closer together.

She's learned the males are smaller than females, the owls are picky about which trees they sit in and Blue Jays and owls are not friends.