MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - A 30-year-old man is in custody in the death of a Muskogee woman found overnight in Tullahassee. 

Muskogee police are now trying to find out why the woman was killed in their city then moved to a house in Wagoner County.

Police say community contacts helped them track down Darryl Thomas Jr.

Officer Lincoln Anderson said, "We never received a 911 call, we never had any neighbors call, we never had any reports of shots fired. We just had a citizen contact a police officer they knew, and said, 'Hey, I think there's been a shooting.'"

Muskogee police believe Thomas killed 30-year-old Fantasia Williams overnight.

They said officers were called to a home in the 700 block of North 5th Street around 2 a.m. When police arrived, they found the front door open. Inside, police said they found no body, but evidence of some type of crime.

Thanks to several contacts who possibly knew the suspect, minutes after getting to the crime scene police were talking with Thomas.

Piecing together details from different law enforcement agencies, it appears that a Muskogee police officer got a hold of Thomas on the phone and the two set up a meeting at a house in Tullahassee.

When law enforcement made it to the Tullahassee home they found Williams' body in a car - police say it appears she was shot to death.

"I don't think there's anything usual about a murder…senseless," Anderson said.

They also found Thomas on the property and arrested him.

Wagoner County said their K-9 unit also found evidence, including a firearm and cartridges.

Muskogee police are still investigating a motive for the murder. They say this is the city’s first homicide of 2016.