TULSA, Oklahoma - Police are investigating after a woman was killed in a crash on Highway 75 north of downtown Tulsa

Officers say the curve on 75 at Apache has seen a lot of crashes.  

Police say this rollover accident at 4:10 a.m. shut down southbound traffic for more than three hours.

The woman was driving a silver four-door car when police say she hit a guardrail and rolled several times.  She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The southbound lanes of Highway 75 were closed so the emergency crews could to work the at the accident scene.

Police say they're not sure what caused the woman to veer off the road but they also say it's an area where drivers need to be extra cautious.

"It's an S-curve. Even in the best, you know, conditions, it's some place where people need to slow down just to be a little more careful," said Sgt. Bryan Bryden.

Officers say no other vehicles were involved in the accident.