TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa's new mayor and city council held a meeting to set priorities for the coming year Wednesday afternoon.

It’s the fifth year for the workshop, and in the past it's led to some goals and accomplishments - water in the river was one of the joint goals.

But this is the first meeting like this since the inauguration of the new mayor and two new city councilors.

Wednesday, the goals discussion mentioned going after a pro sports team, bringing up the pay for city employees and burying electric lines to make streets looks better.

It's that list that guides some council policy for the coming year.

"What are our weaknesses? What do we do well and what do we need to strengthen on? So, it's a really good conversation today," said Tulsa City Councilor Karen Gilbert.

The final list will be developed in a few days and they'll go back to the list in the coming year.