JAY, Oklahoma - A family in Jay, Oklahoma, are searching for a family member who they said went missing the night of January 2, 2017, from an apartment complex.

Christopher "Critter" Jones, 32, was last seen at 11 p.m. at the City Park Apartments in Jay. He stayed with his aunt for a few nights at the apartments before he disappeared, family members said.

His family members said they are concerned for his well being, and that Teel has a young daughter who he would not have just left behind. They said he's always checked in with them after a few days if he leaves. 

"He has a 9-year-old little girl that needs her daddy," said his aunt, Amy Teel.

The family recently made new fliers that they've been distributing and posting in the Jay area. 

Teel is 6'2 and weighs about 170 pounds. His family said Teel has tattoos on both arms, his torso, legs and on both sides of his neck. 

If anyone has information or has seen Teel, his family is asking people to call the Jay Police Department at 918-253-4277, Tracy Bishop at 918-253-7134 or Amy Teel at 918-837-2572.