TULSA, Oklahoma - Thousands of people lined Tulsa streets Monday to honor Martin Luther King Junior's legacy.

This is the 38th year for Tulsa's MLK parade. Organizers said it is the second largest one in the country.

About 250 entries carried this year's theme of "Love Conquers Hate."

One woman said Monday's celebration of Dr. King's life comes at the perfect time.

Ava Brown's daughter danced in Tulsa's MLK parade since middle school. She's away at college now, but Brown said coming to the parade has never been more important.

Brown said she believes the recent election has divided the country and that the memory of King should be a reminder for all of us to keep moving forward together.

"With the political divide that we are seeing now in our nation, it's extremely important that we remember the dream and hold on to the dream and push forward with what Martin Luther King told us to do," Brown said.