LANGSTON, Oklahoma - When it comes to college football in Oklahoma, two schools usually come in mind, the Sooners and the Cowboys.

But there’s only one undefeated college football team left in the state this season, the Langston Lions.

“You could have that argument why we aren't in the limelight for the season we're having but that's fine and dandy and we'll continue to rack up wins and that's all that matters to us,” said Langston Head Coach Quinton Morgan. 

Langston hasn't seen this type of success since their 11-0 1973 season. Former Owasso Rams Star QB Jaylen Lowe is leading the charge for the Lions with 13 TD's overall and over 750 passing yds.

"It's been pretty amazing I haven't been on an undefeated team since 5th grade. I'm glad they just gave me a chance, that's all I've ever wanted was a chance to play quarterback and show what I can do,” said Lowe. 

"We truly have a family atmosphere around here and I base a lot of our success off of that,” said Coach Morgan. 

2nd year Head Coach Quinton Morgan hopes that bond will result in more than just their recent conference championship.  The Lions now have their eyes on a national title.

"So, if we do that we'll definitely be making history, and we'll finally get the respect we deserve," said QB Lowe. 

Langston has one more regular season game Saturday and four more before reaching the ultimate goal, the school’s first NAIA national championship