TULSA, Oklahoma - A Collinsville couple was sentenced Monday to 130 years in prison for what police have called an extreme case of child neglect.

The girls' grandmother was also sentenced in the case.

Rita Fowler was expected to go to trial but instead decided at last minute to enter a plea of guilty. The judge sentenced her to nine years.

Fowler was charged with permitting child neglect and failing to report child neglect.

"The grandmother, she should have and she could have done something at any point in time,” said Assistant District Attorney Sarah McAmis. “I don't care if she was trying to protect her own child. She also had an obligation and a duty to protect her grandchildren."

A judge sentenced her son, Kevin Fowler, and his girlfriend, Aislyn Miller, Monday in the same crime. They were each given 130 years in prison.

"It was obvious from the jury and the judge that they should never ever, ever get out of prison again,” said McAmis.

.Police say they found Kevin and Miller's twin nine-month-old girls starving and covered in bed sores last December.

"The conditions that we saw should never happen in America,” said McAmis. “These babies were literally on the brink of death from such incredible starvation and malnourishment.”

McAmis says the babies were also covered in feces and maggots.

"To be honest, these children will never be the same because of the conditions they were forced to live in,” said McAmis.

She says the only real victory in this case is that the children are now in a loving and healthy home, and will now have some chance at a normal life.

Rita was immediately handcuffed in the courtroom and taken to the Tulsa County Jail.

One investigator described the case as the worst case of child abuse he’d ever seen. Numerous nurses at the urgent care facility said the case was the worst they’d seen as well.