OKLAHOMA CITY - With the holiday shopping season underway many are turning to the Internet to find that perfect present.

But Oklahoma's Attorney General says one wrong move could turn you into a scammer's victim.  Mike Hunter says FBI stats show Oklahomans lost nearly $15.5-million last year due to cybercrimes.

Hunter says the rapid advancement in technology is bringing sophisticated scams that could target unsuspecting Oklahomans looking for good deals online.

He has some suggestions to help keep you safe.

  • Never click on pop-up ads, those ads could contain malware or spyware that will infect computers with a virus or steal personal information.
  • Never make a payment through a wire transfer for an online purchase.
  • Continuously check credit card and bank statements for unauthorized activity.
  • If purchasing from an online store consumers have never heard of, confirm a physical addresses and phone number before placing an order.
  • Watch for copycat websites, cybercriminals create fake websites and offer deals on well-known brands. When accessing the website, it will install malware that will steal personal information. To avoid this, check the website for misspellings, or retype the actual website into the URL.

And Hunter says use your best judgment and trust your gut, if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.