FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas - A pig that went missing in Arkansas has now been reunited with his owner.

Olivia Geels says she left Piggy Smalls in her car for just a few minutes to grab his leash.

When she came back, Piggy was gone.

The Fayetteville Police Department posted a message online asking people to look for the pig and it turned out a man found Piggy walking by the side of the road!

He and his wife put him in a blanket and took him all the way home.

'I was like, 'is it really him?' because I didn`t wanna get my hopes up," Geels said.

'We`re so lucky that Karen and her husband found him and took great care of him and that they called the police department and now he`s back home," she said. 

Piggy was not hurt.

He and his owner are now spending the weekend watching movies and eating snacks.