TULSA, Oklahoma - Crews are working to fix a water main break near Saint Francis Hospital near 71st and Yale.

Driving around the break is the top concern as traffic goes down to one lane on Yale between 65th and 66th.

Water crews say it’s a 12-inch line that broke early Monday afternoon.

No homes were affected and the Warren Clinics and Saint Francis did not lose water.

"We've already been in touch with St. Francis and the Warren people, and they're not out of water so its just a matter of getting, the line repaired and getting it back on," said Eric Parker, City of Tulsa Water Department.

They said it took a while but were finally able to find the break and worked through the night in freezing conditions, dealing with water freezing over in some areas, and an area near the break where it was a solid sheet of ice.

The workers had to be careful dealing with the conditions.

"They can only be out here for so long. You can dress as warm as you would like but you can only be out in these kind of conditions for so long," said Parker.

Crews said they should have the break fixed sometime Tuesday.