TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa teen is in jail after Sapulpa Police say someone was stabbed and pepper sprayed Sunday over a suspected drug deal.

In their arrest report, police say 18-year-old Jeweleann Taylor was dating a drug dealer and they planned on stealing drugs and money from someone at the Interstate Inn Express in the 5500 block of South 48th Street West Avenue.

Police say Taylor and her partner planned to meet the victim at the motel, get $40 in cash and share a gram of Meth.

At some point, she went into the motel room, then sent a text to her partner to come in, police say. 

The three of them got into a fight and the report says Taylor's partner sprayed the victim with pepper spray.

The report says the victim was also stabbed with a hunting knife.

Police say the victim left in a stolen vehicle that had a Louisiana tag number and ended up at the hospital, where that person was treated and released.

Officers arrested Taylor and booked her into the Tulsa County jail.