WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Coweta man is facing a felony charge of impersonating a police officer.

Bryon Brown's original charge was a misdemeanor, but the DA upgraded it Monday and added a count of perjury.
News On 6 first covered Brown 13 years ago when he was convicted of the same crime.

This is certainly not Bryon Brown's first run-in with the law. News On 6 covered his previous arrests and when he was sent to federal prison. 

In 2004, Tulsa police arrested Brown for pulling over drivers, handcuffing them, and pretending to be a cop. 

People told us Brown claimed to be a deputy, an OHP Trooper, and a US Marshal.

The Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) said Brown has never been certified as a police officer in Oklahoma. OHP and the Marshals said he's never worked for them.

In fact, records show Brown has felony convictions in Oklahoma and also served time in federal prison.

"There's a lot of things in this individual's life that appears to be fraudulent," said Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliot. 

Including a claim on Brown's Facebook page that says "I served" next to the Marine insignia.

"US Marine Corps is telling us he's never been a marine, never ever at boot camp, they have no record of him ever being involved with the marines," said Elliot. 

The sheriff's office arrested Brown last fall after a citizen said Brown pulled him over claiming to be an off-duty officer; he even had an officer's tag on his truck.

Deputies recovered badges, patches, and that tag, during a search warrant.

Brown owns 911 outfitters in Muskogee. Bacone college said they paid Brown for pepper ball training, only to find out later, Brown is not a CLEET instructor. 

Brown's attorney had no comment, but, deputies said Brown claims on social media that his arrest is a personal vendetta by the sheriff for things Brown said during the election.

"It's not personal, it's all business. We're not going to tolerate anyone in Wagoner County running around and impersonating a police officer," Elliot said. 

Deputies say Brown will not need to be arrested again since the new charge is being added to the original case.