BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma - A suspected kidnapping in Bartlesville leaves one person beaten and another missing part of his toe. 

Police arrested Kenneth Foreman who faces several charges. 

Foreman is charged with aggravated assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon, and kidnapping after police said he and another man kidnapped three people.

Court Documents said Justin Liston told police he was with a woman when Kenneth Foreman and Jeremy Dempster shot at him, handcuffed him, and took them to the Willowbrook Condominiums. 

He was then beaten and questioned about the whereabouts of another man; Kristapher Guffey. 

"It's always pretty quiet. It’s always been quiet. It’s just, it was just so unbelievable," said complex resident Sarah Harsh.  

Liston reportedly told police the suspects put him and his female companion in a trailer and took them to Tulsa, where he was drugged by a needle.

And Liston said the ordeal still wasn't over. 

The suspects then took the duo back to the Willowbrook Condominiums, where a kidnapped Kristapher Guffey was.

"I kept wondering every time I would come home, I'm wondering why are those guys parked over there with this black trailer and they're just checking you out as you're going by," Harsh said.  

Liston said he saw Kenneth Foreman and Jeremy Dempster beat Guffey and then cut off Guffey's toe with pruning shears.  

"It was very shocking … it was just crazy to not know that something like that was going on," Harsh said.  

Liston said he and the women escaped after she drugged Foreman.

Guffey reportedly escaped a day before they did. 

Documents said Dempster denied any involvement but that Foreman told police he beat Liston and Guffey but said he did not kidnap anyone or cut Guffey's toe off.

Police served a search warrant and found a bloody shirt and rags as well as handcuffs and a mace with “FOREMAN” printed on it as well as blood spots in the bathtub. 

Police say this investigation is ongoing. 

Foreman admitted to police that he beat Liston and Guffey, but denied kidnapping anyone or cutting off Guffey’s toe. 

At the apartment, police found a bloody shirt and rags as well as handcuffs and a wooden mace with “FOREMAN” printed on it.

They also found blood spots in the bathtub.