TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - Nearly 100 deputies and officers were involved in a huge heroin bust in Tulsa, Broken Arrow and Wagoner Counties.

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office confirmed they served nine search warrants resulting in ten arrests.

Tulsa County Deputy Justin Green said they found guns, drugs and drug paraphernalia. He said amounts varied at the locations which included the Shoreline Apartments near 21st Street and Highway 169 and the Park Place Apartments near Interstate 44 and Yale.

“This is an operation that’s been ongoing for multiple months,” he said. “Some of these are repeat offenders that have been arrested multiple times throughout the years.

Heather Dennard lives at the Shoreline Apartments with her four kids. She said she was shocked to see so many law enforcement agencies, including sheriff's deputies and homeland security, several feet from her apartment.

"I mean, I guess crime is everywhere, but I'm very surprised it's so close to my apartment, honestly," Dennard said.

Investigators said the warrants were all connected to a heroin ring with ties to the Mexican drug cartel.

We were on scene as four people were taken into custody at Shoreline. Homeland Security said another person was taken into custody at Park Place apartments.

"It is a danger to society, so it's one of those things we definitely want to get out of our community as we can,” Tulsa County Deputy Justin Green said.

Green said heroin is a drug that can be deadly, especially if laced with Fentanyl, so they do everything they can to keep it from the community.

Green also said human trafficking is connected to the bust.

"We know that people have been brought to this country from Mexico and promised that if they participate in this drug trafficking for a certain amount of time, then that'll pay off their debt for being brought into the country," he said.

Dennard said she's glad to know the ring members won't be in her complex anymore.

"That is very scary, honestly, because my kids are so friendly and I don't...wow," she said.

TCSO said most of the people involved in the bust have been arrested before.

Those arrested include, Hector Saul Lomeli-Salas; Mario Alberto Ramos-Zambrano; Eric Martinez; Luis Enrique Guillen; Luis Enrique Godoy; Alejandro Hernandez.