SAPULPA, Oklahoma - A suspected DUI driver who wrecked his SUV in Sapulpa is out of jail on bond. 

The end of the crash was caught on a woman's security camera. 

The crash ended on the edge of Morgan Evans' backyard. 

What she can see from her security camera now has her concerned for her child's safety.

As drivers make their way down Teel Road in Sapulpa, Morgan Evans expects many of them will go well above the 30 mile per hour speed limit. 

"It's ridiculous," said Evans. 

Her home security camera started recording right as the SUV crashed near Independence Wednesday. 

Sapulpa police said Robert Martin hit a culvert and over-corrected before running into a guardrail, which caused him to roll over.

Officers said they smelled alcohol and found beer cans and pills in his SUV.

They arrested him for driving under the influence. 

Morgan's video shows her dog Rubble running off as the crash happened.

"It scared him so bad that he jumped the fence. And so when we got home, he wasn't there," said Evans. 

She was quickly reunited with him, but now it's her daughter, who loves playing in the backyard, that she's concerned about.

"If it were a nice Saturday and that guy were to have been right there, I don't even want to think about what could happen," Evans said. 

A witness told police Martin was going a couple miles over the speed limit, so Lt. Troy Foreman said officers are not really considering speed to be a factor in the crash. 

But Foreman said with his 16 years of experience he knows speeding is a problem on Teel Road. 

"Back in the day before I got promoted that used to be an old, what I'd call, 'fishing hole' of mine," Foreman said.  

Regardless of how fast Martin was going, Morgan said the crash was just too close for comfort and hopes drivers will be more careful in the future.

Court records show Martin pleaded guilty in January of last year to a DUI charge.