OWASSO, Oklahoma - The manhunt for burglary suspects prompted a lockdown at six Owasso schools early Friday after a woman says two people broke into her apartment and came into her bedroom while she was in bed.

The woman, who lives at the Greens Apartments, called 911 immediately and says she woke up to two strangers moving her bed. 

911 call: "Somebody just broke into my apartment"

Moments after a woman says two people broke into her apartment she called 911. 

911 call: "They kicked my front door down"

911 call: "I just woke up to them breaking in. They moved my bed and as soon as they saw me they ran off."

That call led to a search for the suspects. 

They found three quickly and searched for a fourth for about an hour in this field off of 86th street north near 129th east avenue.

They put nearby schools went on lockdown as a precaution.

"No one come in. No one can go out," said Owasso High School student Tyson Henry.

Henry said he and his friends had no idea what was going on. 

"I was just wondering 'man, I hope everyone's OK," Henry said. 

Officers arrested 18-year-old Daniel Montes.

Police also questioned two 17-year-olds, but they were released. 

"They fit the descriptions of the original suspects that were called out," said Owasso Police Lt. Nick Boatman.

Police said the woman who made the 911 call isn't alone. 

He said at least one other apartment got hit. 

One woman who didn't want to be on camera said she was at work when she got a call that someone kicked in her door.

Police said nothing was stolen from the apartments, which is odd, as if the suspects were looking for something or someone specific.  

Police said they don't have a great description of the fourth person they're looking for.

They're asking if anyone has information about this crime, call 918 272-2244.