TULSA, Oklahoma - An east Tulsa family said they're living in fear after bullets went flying near their home.

Both sides of the street are filled with elderly couples and families with young children. Several people in the neighborhood said they are very concerned.

Bullet casings and shattered glass are all that's left after a shooting near 35th Street and 129th East Avenue.

Nina Horton is visiting her son in Tulsa and said they were making dinner around 9:00 Sunday night when they heard a commotion outside.

"I felt like it was out of a movie, it was just unreal," Horton said. "Boom, boom boom, and then I opened the door and asked my son, ‘What's going on?’”

She said, "We saw one guy going like this, and we saw him shooting a couple times and then, next thing you know, he got up and then they're running around the cars. And then one car went that way and the SUV went back and they just started chasing each other down the street."

Police said they got the call about shots fired in the cul-de-sac, but when they arrived the suspects were gone.

Another neighbor said his family hid in a back room when they heard the gunshots.

Horton, who has two grandbabies who live in the neighborhood, said she worries it could happen again.

"My grandson stays in the front room all the time, so, if a stray bullet hits, I mean, we don't know," she said. "We won't bring them in the front yard. My son already said, he goes, ‘There's no way, mom.’"

Horton said she's glad no one was hurt this time but hopes the people who live there form some sort of neighborhood watch and let it be known that this kind of crime won't be tolerated.

"Let's just stick together in this neighborhood and protect our families," she said.

Police said while they responded to the incident, the caller did not want to make a report.