FORT GIBSON, Oklahoma - A Fort Gibson man is in jail after police say he robbed a pharmacy Wednesday,  brandishing a large knife.

Police say the man walked into the Valu-Med Pharmacy in the 1200 block of South Lee Street and demanded pills.  After getting the pills, an employee told police, the man tried to abduct another employee and steal her car to get away. 

They say the woman refused but gave the man her purse with the car keys inside.  Police say when he tried to steal the vehicle, he couldn't figure out how to use the car's push-button ignition. 

He then attempted to re-enter the store, but it was locked and the police had already been called. Police say that is when he jumped on an electric scooter he had arrived at the store with and took off. 

Police say they found the man in a Harps grocery store parking lot across the street and used a Taser after he refused to drop his knife. 

That man has not yet been identified.