CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - Two Rogers County men said they want to clear their names after being arrested for and accused of a brutal rape.

Dylan Reedy and Mike Green were released from jail after the district attorney declined to file charges against them.

Reedy and Green were arrested after a woman told police she was at Reedy’s home for a party when the two men took her to a bedroom and took turns raping her.

The sheriff's office said, however, the woman's statements don't match the statements from other witnesses who were there.

The sheriff's office said they're still waiting on DNA results, but, for now, the men are free.

Reedy said he was in jail 18 days. He said he couldn't afford bail or an attorney but tried to stay positive.

"I tried to have, give faith in the investigators - they'd figure it out and do what's right," he said.

Reedy said if the woman was assaulted he hopes investigators find out who did it. He said if she lied, he hopes she'll come clean.

Reedy also said he's not worried about what the DNA results will show, but is upset at how people were quick to condemn him after his arrest.

"I was frustrated, but I'm trying not to be mad now that it's over," he said.

Green's attorneys didn't want him to do an interview, but, they released a lengthy statement that says, in part, "We believe Michael is an innocent man, a good, 19-year-old citizen who has lived in Claremore since third grade who has never been in trouble before. We understand the investigation is ongoing and are cooperating."