TULSA, Oklahoma - It is mysterious and underground - literally. A new speakeasy is set to open in Tulsa's Deco District, and it is just one of a number of things happening in that neighborhood.

The speakeasy, two new hotels, a new bank and coffee shop - all on top of dozens of new apartments are part of the Deco District boom.

"So, this will be our entrance going down. Obviously this door will get changed," said Aaron Gaddy, giving a tour of the speakeasy's construction.

A maze of stairs into the basement of a Downtown building. Construction partner Aaron Gaddy gave me a tour of what will soon be a speakeasy - space for about 50 people.

The owner asked for me to keep the exact address a secret - only referring to it as Tulsa's latest restaurant and lounge experience.

"The space is cool. It is right off an alley and down in the basement. It is definitely going to have a different feel, in a building that is thriving and becoming something new again," Gaddy said.

Just up the street, Topeca coffee is opening Tuesday, March 13, in the former location of Mod's. At first it was temporary space, but owner Chip Gaberino decided to make it permanent.

"The more we thought about it and felt the space out and the neighborhood and street - we really got excited for the potential of the space," Gaberino said.

A smart move he says - because two hotels are under construction, art installations are going up, and other businesses are jumping on the available space in the Deco District.

While covering this story, I met Alex Eaton and asked what brought him to this part of town..

"We have a South Tulsa office with about 75 people, and it is time to move Downtown," Eaton said. "This is really where things are happening."

And key to attracting the workforce he is looking for.

"We are not sticking you Downtown in a ghost town. You come Downtown, and there are lots of people here and lots of places to eat and you can like go out after work," he said. 

And in a couple months - when the speakeasy plans to open its doors - another after-work option here in Tulsa's Deco District.