TULSA, Oklahoma - We are now just three days away from districts across the state shutting down and teachers walking out. 

While state lawmakers passed a pay raise for teachers, some are saying they've broken more promises.  Teachers are still getting an average $6,100 raise, and state employees get a raise too.

While the tax package that Governor Mary Fallin signed includes taxes on fuel, tobacco and oil and gas gross production, the state House repealed a $5 hotel tax late in the afternoon, which was expected, but they did not replace it.

Wednesday, the state Senate said that tax would be replaced with an online sales tax measure but that hasn't happened yet.  That effectively cuts $50 million out of the final bill that the governor signed.

While the OEA struck a more positive tone on Wednesday night, the union president called Thursday's $50-million cut a stunt.

"We will not relent. We will not give up. This is for our students. It's for our classrooms and for our future. Together, we are stronger," said Oklahoma Education Association President Alicia Priest.

So for many districts the walkout starts Monday, and teachers will be picketing the sidewalks around the state Capitol Monday morning starting at 9 a.m.