HASKELL COUNTY, Oklahoma - The man now considered the lead suspect in an Albuquerque, New Mexico double homicide in is in an Oklahoma jail.

The Haskell County Sheriff's Office arrested Richard Ross after Albuquerque police tracked Ross to Keota, Oklahoma. Sheriff Tim Turner say when they went to look for Ross they also found one of the murder victim's cars.

Deputies say Richard Ross is no stranger to the Haskell County Sheriff’s Office. Albuquerque Police called the sheriff’s office Saturday night to ask for help locating Ross and a missing vehicle. Deputies immediately started searching.

"They noticed that when they discovered the victims’ bodies that the vehicle was missing, knew what vehicle to be looking for and we were able to put Mr. Ross in that vehicle which belonged to those deceased individuals," said Sheriff Turner.

Deputies say Ross drove that car to Keota, where he was born and raised. When deputies learned Ross was staying at this house, they called in additional deputies.

"We knew there were some other people inside the residence and we did not want it to become a hostage situation or barricade, so we utilized the professionals,” said Turner.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol Tactical team and U.S. Marshals helped arrest Ross just six hours after Albuquerque Police made their request. Sheriff Turner says this is a perfect example of a team effort.

"We've got victims and we've got families. They might not be Haskell County Residents or residents of the state of Oklahoma, but we are going to do everything we can at our agency to make sure that homicide is prosecuted to the fullest in Albuquerque New Mexico," said Turner.

Albuquerque investigators will question Ross and then transfer him back to Albuquerque.