CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - Claremore police are sending an alert to parents after a boy said he was spied on in a public bathroom. The teen said a man stuck his cell phone underneath the stall at Walmart.

"Our guy wasn't interested in shopping," said Claremore Deputy Chief of Police Steve Cox.

Cox said they wanted to identify the man after a boy accused him of sticking his cell phone underneath a bathroom staff when the victim was inside.

"So far we don't know exactly what he was doing," Cox said, "if he was taking pictures or using it as a viewer."

Cox says it happened on Sunday afternoon at the Walmart on Highway 66. The boy told detectives, he was in the bathroom when the man snuck the cell phone under the stall.  So the boy called police and gave them the man's description. 

But after reviewing surveillance video, police made what they're calling a disturbing discovery.  The boy may not be the only victim because video shows the man hanging around two different men's bathrooms in the store for more than two hours, and not shopping. 

"Obviously that's not normal," said Steve Cox, Claremore Deputy Chief. "It's very likely that this will turn into a felony crime."

Police say the man left the Walmart driving in a red car. 

Late Wednesday afternoon, tips poured in. Detectives identified the man and questioned him. So far they said they have not made any arrests and are still investigating.