BROKEN ARROW – A Broken Arrow woman is home, after the Oklahoma Supreme Court demanded bail be set for her to get out of jail.

Joyce Mitchell bailed out of the Delaware County Jail Thursday, after almost a week behind bars.

"Now that she's free after six days in jail, almost seven days in jail, never in trouble with the law before except maybe getting pulled over for speeding like every grandmother has before, she's thankful for her freedom,” Attorney Billy Wiland said.

Wiland said she's dealing with the aftermath of a divorce, and her due process rights were violated when a judge sentenced her to jail.

"The other side demanded that she pay the interest. She couldn't pay it. They threw her in jail,” Wiland said. “Sentenced her to six months, no bail."

The State Supreme Court acted quickly, filing a two-page document, saying bail needed to be set.

"All this just snowballed really quick into something that should have been really simple,” Wiland said.

Wiland said he's still fighting a bigger issue related to Mitchell's divorce, and she didn't want to talk on camera.

"I think what she would say is, 'Speak up. Be a voice for the voiceless. You're not the only one out there that might be having your rights taken away,’” Wiland said.