Even before the snow stopped falling, Claremore Police Officers were already thinking about the bitter cold temperatures coming tonight.

"The roads are slick, we just advise people to stay inside if they can today and prep for tomorrow because I'm afraid it's going to be worse tomorrow because conditions are going to be colder tomorrow," said Chad Rohr, Claremore Police.

Cars and trucks were slipping and sliding all over Green Country this morning after a fast moving snow storm blanketed the area.

"People are driving on the roads and its starting to compact a little bit and get more and more slick," said Rohr.

Our News On 6 Storm Trackers spread out across Northeast Oklahoma today and saw several wrecks. 

In Tulsa - The City has 12,000 tons of salt on hand to put down on streets to keep them clear for drivers.

The city put a second crew to work at noon today to start preparing for tonight and tomorrow morning by treating areas that are refreezing.

Other cities are also using salt to treat main roads.

"We do have units from the street department out sanding and salting sections along with the plows, I don't know how many trucks we do have but also I've seen ODOT out," said Rohr.

Several departments are encouraging drivers to stay off the roads today... or at least, take it slow.

"If you have a four wheel drive use it or all-wheel drive. Take it easy. Take it slow and don't follow too closely."