TULSA, Oklahoma - Water service has been restored for several businesses after a water line break at 21st and 129th East Avenue Wednesday morning.

Tulsa crews are still trying to fix the broken 12-inch line, but the city says they were able to do some re-routing and reconnect them. They hope to have the line fixed by Wednesday night.

So much water, mixed with cold temperatures, made for a lot of slick spots on the streets and parking lots in the area Wednesday morning. This was just one of 6 water main breaks that happened Wednesday morning within a few hours of each other.

Water services manager Eric Parker says they knew this was a possibility because of the drastic change in temperatures.

"The cold weather ... we hadn't had too much, thank goodness, but as soon as we saw that the temperatures were going to start rising, we knew that we were going to have some issues," said Parker.

The water department says when the line is fixed, part of the intersection will stay closed for at least a couple of days so street crews can make repairs.