TULSA, Oklahoma - Every Oklahoman should know where they're going to go if a tornado is headed to their home.

Storm shelters have become increasingly popular in the Sooner State and companies are doing their best to make them affordable for families. Joshua King survived the Joplin tornado and now sells Safe Rooms.

"When you see your town completely devastated and taken away it really throws a lot of things in perspective,” says King.

Many companies allow monthly payments, making it even easier for families to own one. Storm shelters now start at as low as $2,000 and can be financed for as little as $50-$70 dollars a month.

"It's a matter of where we live, it's not a matter of if it's going to happen to you it's a matter of when," King says.

The cost goes up the bigger the storm shelter gets. Some allow as many as 14 people to get inside and take shelter from the storm. In Oklahoma storm shelters save lives, it's a fact, and experts say it can be the very best investment you make for you and your family.