NORMAN, Oklahoma - Your local liquor store could be opening on Sunday.  Some counties will be putting the issue up to a public vote. 

Cleveland County and Oklahoma County Commissions both had the Sunday sales issue on their agendas Monday.  Oklahoma County commissioners decided to table the issue for a couple weeks. Cleveland County Commissioners decided to let voters decide on March 3, Super Tuesday.

“We feel like it gives the citizens the opportunity to level the playing field in Cleveland County,” said Commissioner Harold Haralson after the meeting.

Haralson said they took up the issue at the request of a local liquor store owner and the Retail Liquor Association of Oklahoma. 

Brian Kerr is the president of that group and points out that folks can now already buy wine and beer on Sunday at convenience and grocery stores.

“We would like to be able to compete and give people a local option to buy their beer, wine, spirits and other things on Sunday,” said Kerr.

The decision to put the issue up to a public vote may not be as easy in Oklahoma County. Commissioner Brian Maughan told News 9 he will vote against it.  He's said he's concerned about an increase in DUI's and he doesn't want that on his head. 

"I just think folks don't need any more help getting alcohol on Sunday." he said.

Kerr argues that people are already drinking alcohol on Sundays and allowing liquor stores to be open would allow local businesses a chance at that revenue.

“Sunday is a big day to be drinking, especially with football games and everything else out there.  A lot of beer gets sold on Sunday.”        

If Oklahoma County Commissioners also put the issue up for a vote, they still have time to get it on the Super Tuesday ballot.