Tulsa Doctor, Wife Survive COVID-19, Share Their Life-Changing Experience

Friday, June 26th 2020, 5:20 pm
By: Chinh Doan

TULSA, Okla. -

A Tulsa doctor and his wife have survived COVID-19 but said their lives will never be the same. 

The couple said the growing number of cases is alarming, and they hope our community can learn from their experiences. 

Dr. Michael Ward has been working hard to regain his balance during a physical therapy session at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers in Tulsa. 

He said he hopes the physical therapy and water therapy every day will help him recover from COVID-19, but he’s not sure he’ll ever be the same. 

“That uncertainty is also something that has changed my life, and I don’t wish that on anybody because the whole thing was horrible for my family, horrible for me,” said Dr. Ward. 

The family doctor of 45 years said he does have pre-existing conditions but isn’t sure how he became infected in late March, then infected his wife, Victoria Ward. 

“I really was dizzy and short of breath and from there, I started taking Tylenol and hydrating with Gatorade and stayed on the sofa,” said Victoria Ward. 

On the other hand, Dr. Ward said he didn’t have typical respiratory problems. Instead, he lost 47 pounds and even hallucinated. He said after three and a half weeks in the hospital, he is left with neurological issues and inflammation of the blood vessels.

The 71-year-olds said they had such different experiences. Through it all, the couple said they remain grateful their daughters didn’t lose their parents. Now, they share this message. 

“Please wear your mask,” pleaded Dr. Ward. “Be aware of people around you and what they could have that would cause them distress, not just you.” 

Dr. Ward said he wants to thank the staff at Hillcrest South who took great care of him.

This week, Dr. Ward started working again, seeing patients at his family practice part time.