Strawberry Shortcake Cream Puff

Friday, August 14th 2020, 9:56 am
By: News On 6

Hard Rocks' Executive Pastry Chef Rebecca Foy shares a recipe for a strawberry shortcake cream puff.


Cream puff, large

fresh strawberries, sliced

white chocolate, melted

2 cups heavy cream

½ cup sugar, granulated

¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

½ cup powdered sugar


1.In a mixing bowl, whip the cream with sugar and vanilla until soft peaks form.

2.Thinly slice the fresh strawberries.

3.Cut the cream puff in half horizontally. 

4.Fill bottom half with whipped cream, using a spoon or a pastry bag fitted with a tip.

5.Place the sliced strawberries on top of the whipped cream.

6.Melt the white chocolate in the microwave or on a double boiler on the stovetop.

7.Put the melted chocolate in a pastry bag and cut a small hole in the tip of the bag.

8.In a back and forth motion, drizzle the white chocolate over the top of the cream puff.

9.Put the top half of the cream puff on the strawberry topped whipped cream.

10. Lightly dust with powdered sugar and garnish as desired.

Prep Time: 20 minutes

1 serving