Tulsa Downtown Coordinating Council Turns Parking Spots Into Parks

Friday, September 18th 2020, 6:22 pm
By: Jordan Tidwell

TULSA, Okla. -

The Downtown Coordinating Council hosted Parking Day on Friday, a day for Tulsans to get creative with how they use outdoor space. 

The council took an average parking spot and turned it into a park. Brian Kurtz with the Downtown Coordinating Council said the day is to show how parking spaces can be used for other things, like outdoor parks and offices spaces. 

“To show people how we can utilize these spaces differently than how they were designed, thinking about a parking space that can be an outdoor office for the day," Kurtz said. 

Kurtz said this is the third year for Parking Day and this year it means even more. He said more restaurants and businesses are having to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic with many people choosing to use outdoor spaces.

“This year it’s even more important to talk about this and the importance of outdoor spaces with our downtown business community,” Kurtz said. “Many of them have felt the pressure of people who do not want to dine indoors or be inside of an indoor space, so to show how business can be able to take their dining areas and incorporate them outdoors, park or cafe.”

This year parking day falls on 918 Day, a day to celebrate the city of Tulsa. Heather Smith with the Downtown YMCA said it's important to get outside and visit with those around you.

"Downtown has a lot of routine involved, so we often see a lot of the same people every day so it’s just a new way to get outside of our doors and say hi to the people we know," Smith said. 

There were around ten parking lot parks set up throughout Downtown Tulsa. 

“We’re doing this to support our downtown business community,” Kurtz said.