Phase 2 Of Affordable Housing Project Opens In Tulsa

Wednesday, March 2nd 2022, 9:54 pm
By: Matt Rahn

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The second phase of a $170 million affordable housing project is now open in Tulsa. Housing Authority leaders say it's unlike traditional public housing you'll find anywhere in the city.

The River West apartments are a mixed-income community that replaces what used to be public housing in west Tulsa. Jeff Hall with the Tulsa Housing Authority said it's a place for everyone.

"Someone that could be a businessman working downtown, an attorney, a doctor, someone working at OSU living right next to someone who lived here before in public housing, and you wouldn't know any different because everything is built to the same quality," said Hall.

The units will be split equally between market-renters and those using government subsidies. Hall said it’s part of a goal to decentralize poverty and create a place anyone would want to live.

"It just creates a place to where people want to be, it's a place of choice, not a place of last resort, which is what you normally see in high concentrations of housing," Hall said.

This new phase includes a community center with a workout room, computers, and space for gatherings. It will also have a swimming pool, something Monica Guinn said will be great for her grandson.

"With them building a swimming pool, he's definitely going to like that also," Guinn said.

She lived in the apartments that were there before and said her new apartment is much better.

"Moving into these with them being absolutely brand new and 100-percent different has definitely been a big advantage," Guinn said.

She's hopeful for her future there.

"Definitely want to see this place grow, and to see Tulsa also if they can build more places like this and give a lot more people chances to live in nice housing that's definitely a good future," she said.

Phase three is already under construction. A public park will be coming this August.