Sapulpa Parks Host First Outdoor Expo Ahead Of Summer

Saturday, May 21st 2022, 10:15 pm
By: News On 6, Kaitlyn Deggs

SAPULPA, Oklahoma -

Sapulpa Parks hosted its first-ever outdoor expo on Saturday to show people all the activities they can get involved with outdoors.

Attendees learned all about outdoor activities in Sapulpa and also found ones they already enjoy.

At Kelly Lane Park in Sapulpa, various community groups set up tents advertising different outdoor activities.

These ranged from soccer, to camping, and even fly fishing.

Tina Ford, a Service Unit Manager for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma, said she’s passionate about the outdoors and also helping others learn to love it too.

“It’s just healthier,” said Ford. “I mean, if you’re indoors all the time, I just don’t feel like that’s a healthy thing. You got to be out in nature and experience.”

Susan Bencke, the Community Engagement Manager for Sapulpa Parks, said the idea for the expo was to be a “one-stop-shop” for the outdoor activities Sapulpa offers.

“We really wanted to promote all the different activities you can do at all those different properties and do it all in one spot,” said Bencke.

Bencke said this was the perfect time to show outdoor options that both kids and adults can enjoy as the summer season approaches.

“So what do we have to offer for all the kids in the area, and for the adults, to keep people active, to keep people connected with nature, and knowing places they can go to relax, and have fun, and enjoy, put their technology to the side,” said Bencke.

Bencke said after the past few years, getting outside and active is more important than ever.

“Remember what you enjoy doing, and we’ve all been inside for so long, and what are those outdoor activities that you enjoy doing and how can you find a group to get involved in those activities,” Bencke said.

Ford also says any time spent outside, even if it’s only a little, is important to your well-being.

“Get outside more, just go camping, cook something on your back porch, grab your canoe and come over here to the pond, whatever you can do to get outdoors just go outdoors,” said Ford.

Bencke says she hopes to host another outdoor expo in the future.