New developments in a west Tulsa shooting that left one man dead and another fighting for his life in a Tulsa hospital.

Less than 24 hours after the shooting near 1st and Tacoma, Tulsa Police have a suspect in custody. That suspect is an ex-convict who was just released from state prison about a year ago, but detectives say he told them, this is a case of self-defense

Tulsa Police worked with Owasso Police to arrest 25-year-old Douglas Miller late Saturday night. Miller is behind bars, accused of first degree murder and shooting with intent to kill.

Police believe Miller is the man who went into a house near 1st and Tacoma and shot two people in the head. 22-year-old Danny Carter was found dead. An 18-year-old man is still in a Tulsa hospital in critical condition. The police report states Miller told officers he went to the house with his girlfriend but he didn't know the victims.

According to the report, Miller says the two men flashed some handguns and that's when he grabbed his gun.

The report states Miller told the arresting officers quote "it was self defense, I was defending myself, they were trying to kill me." Tulsa Police say in the report Miller shot twice to get him and his girlfriend out of the house. The report also says police found a backpack with a gun and clothing that appeared to have blood on them.

Police believe Miller did know the victims. The News on 6 found out that Miller plead guilty in 2000 to assault and two counts of possessing a stolen vehicle.