The following information is provided by KOTV as a service to our viewers. Please contact the International Dark-Sky Association directly for answers to any questions that you may have concerning light pollution. The I-D-A acts as a clearinghouse for issues of energy-efficient lighting and the loss of the night time sky with updates on various state laws and local ordinances being adopted to curb light pollution. The group's web site also has links to other similar groups.

The International Dark- Sky Association

3225 N. First Avenue

Tucson, AZ 85719

Telephone: (520) 293-3198

Fax: (520) 293-3192

Toll free membership line: (877) 600-5888


To buy a metal dome for a street light that's causing glare, contact:

Nelson Electric

526 N. Main Street


Telephone: (918) 583-1212

Ask for Mike Lemley at extension 178.

The fixture is called a "Hubbel Streetlamp Cover" and costs approximately $25. Public Service Company of Oklahoma, (P-S-O), will charge a minimum hourly rate of $45 to install the fixture. P-S-O's Stan Whiteford says the utility doesn't advertise this service and doesn't have the manpower to get the work done quickly. Be sure to check with your neighbors before installing a light shield. You must also call the Tulsa city lighting department to get their OK as well. The department's number is 596-9753.