Sawyer Wells

Like many young kids, Sawyer was fascinated with the weather. That is until the thunder started, at which point he would run into the living room and hound his parents to turn on the television.

Born and raised in Owasso, Sawyer saw everything that Mother Nature was capable of. His earliest memory of wanting to become a meteorologist was as a child, when he went outside to watch a storm move in with his parents. As soon as the storm hit, he went back inside the house and hopped in front of the television to give his weather report.

Sawyer went on to get his Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma. During his time at OU, he interned at News On 6 and sister-station, News 9 in Oklahoma City. From there it was on to Little Rock, Arkansas where he worked at a company that produced newscasts for smaller stations around the country. During that time, Sawyer forecasted for every possible weather event like tornadoes, flooding and hurricanes.

When Sawyer is not working, he is either playing with his dog, Khadgar or having fun with friends. Sawyer is very excited to finally be back in Green Country as a member of the Oklahoma Weather Experts and looks forward to getting out in the community to meet people and gain their trust.

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