TULSA, Oklahoma - This Land Press announced Tuesday that images related to an officer-involved sex scandal obtained by the Tulsa publication will be handed over to the Tulsa Police Department's Internal Affairs.

This Land Press initially declined the request by the department, the paper said, but decided to hand over the laptop photos after seeking legal advice.

The images on the laptop, according to This Land Press, depict Tulsa Police Captain Shawn King "engaging in various acts of extreme sexual behavior, at times while in uniform both on- and off-duty."

King was suspended for 40 hours without pay in early April after the issue came to light.

King's ex-girlfriend, Keena Roberts, was granted an emergency protective order late Friday against the Tulsa captain on behalf of her minor children.

Roberts' attorney alleges that King molested one of Roberts' underage children. King's attorney calls the allegations false and outrageous.

As of now, Captain King is still reporting to work as a shift supervisor in TPD's Gilcrease Hills Division.