COAL COUNTY, Oklahoma - One of the men injured in a deadly oil rig fire in southern Oklahoma last month spoke for the first time since the accident.

The fire in Coal County killed a Catoosa man, Kelsey Bellah, and two others.

Dewayne Keenan survived, but has burns on his hands and arms. He was burned as he rushed into the fire to try to save his brother.

He found another man first and pulled him out, then went back and found his severely burned brother.

"I knelt down and I said ‘Lord, if there's no hope, if he's gone, just take him home. Take care of him until we get there,'" Keenan said.

OSHA is still investigating the fire.

Keenan said the men were using a space heater to keep their hoses from freezing while they worked in flammable, oil-based mud.

He thinks some of the mud hit the space heater and caught fire.