TULSA, Oklahoma - After a tense first try, Zarrow International School held a lottery drawing Friday night to determine who will get to attend the school.

It was meant to be held Tuesday, but the district delayed it.

Zarrow International is a popular school and a lot of families want their kids to go there. It's a Spanish immersion program that always gets As on the state's school report card.

Until now, parents were told if they had one child attending Zarrow their second child would automatically get to enroll there.

But, district leaders said Zarrow got too many applicants from Quadrant Four this year, which includes the northern chunk of midtown Tulsa.

The district wanted to make siblings from Quadrant Four part of Tuesday's lottery but parents were upset at the last-minute change, saying families should not be split up.

The school agreed, deciding to honor sibling preference, and held the lottery for the other applicants Friday night.

Ashley Doyle's child was chosen in the lottery.

"This has just been a crazy, but insanely amazing process as of two minutes ago,” she said. “It's hard when it's your first kid and you're trying to do the very best for their education."

Zarrow leaders said they're grateful TPS listened to parents' concerns.