TULSA, Oklahoma - An undercover federal investigation of child pornography has led to two arrests in Tulsa - both men led Christian organizations.

One is the principal of a home school organization, the other a pastor in Turley.

Wednesday, we reported the arrest of Richard Goss - the principal of the Christian Education Alliance - for possession of child pornography. He was in court Thursday along with Pastor Ronald Robinson.

Robinson is the pastor of a Christian outreach ministry in Turley called the Third Place Community Foundation.

It was in the news recently when the church building they used for a food pantry burned.

Robinson was discovered receiving what was described as very explicit, very graphic images of young children in various sex acts.

He had a first appearance in federal court Thursday and remains jailed.

The other case came out of the same investigation, but the two men are not connected except that federal agents said they were using the same online chat room to access child pornography.

Goss, 56, was arrested Tuesday for receiving child pornography. He's the principal of the Christian Education Alliance, with offices and classrooms inside the Tulsa Hills Church of the Nazarene.

Church leaders had no comment on the case.

According to court records, the investigation revealed Goss’ online activity indicated he preferred children 10-12 years old.

Documents say he was shown wearing an Oklahoma shirt and asked for more when one video ended.

Records say he appeared shirtless later

In court Thursday, agents said Goss told them after he was arrested that he used the website five or six times to view child pornography.

They said he knew children were under 15 years old.

They said he described the videos recorded by agents and said he downloaded images to watch at school.

Agents said Goss told them he was interested in children of any age or gender; Goss teaches children 12-13 years old at the school.

Federal agents gave Goss a polygraph test to ask if he ever had hands on sexual contact and they said he passed.

He will be released on bond Friday, with an ankle monitor, with home confinement and no internet service until trial.