TULSA, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma multi-county grand jury - which is investigating allegations of the sexual assault of a Bixby football player - is recessing for the month.

The foreman issued a statement that they received the testimony of witnesses and numerous exhibits in several different matters.

"The time allotted this session did not permit the grand jury to complete its investigation of the matters heard," court records show.

The grand jury will reconvene for its next session, February 13-15, 2018, to summon additional witnesses. 

Additional physical evidence will be gathered by investigators assisting the grand jury during this time as well.

Grand jury proceedings are done in secret and participants are prohibited from talking about it.

Court records say four students admitted to participating in the sexual assault that happened at former school superintendent Kyle Wood’s home in September, and a fifth admitted to recording it on video.

The documents say each student also identified the other student involved in the incident.

The affidavit says this investigation is looking into the sexual assault, whether the school reported it in a timely manner to authorities and if anyone tried to prevent a police investigation.