WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma - We're hearing from neighbors who watched as a deadly standoff unfolded right outside their homes.

The 7-hour standoff kept them on pins and needles until it finally came to a deadly end late Saturday night.

Many neighbors are saddened that one of their own wasn't able to find help before it came to this. However, they believe that deputies handled the situation properly.

The mobile home park is calm and quiet now, but Saturday night's deadly standoff kept the community on lockdown for 7 hours.

"I heard the gunshots and I didn't know which direction to go, but I just started running as soon as I heard them," said Neighbor Tina Scott. 

Tina Scott said February 17 was the scariest night of her life. Her husband Vernon was just next door and called 911 when the first gunshots rang out. 

"The first shots he fired was towards the timber back here, and that's when I knew that I had to make the phone call," said Vernon. 

"And the cop came out and said you need to go away you need to get away because he's aiming at you," Tina said. 

When deputies arrived, they made phone calls to the man inside the home to calm the situation.

Instead, he fired more shots through the walls.

"The next thing I know, he opened the door and opened fire on everybody and the officers and bullets were flying in our direction," said Vernon. 

Deputies blocked off the area, warning people to leave.

At one point, deputies said the suspect came out pointing his rifle at them and that's when they fired their shots. 

"If you fire at my deputies, you point a gun at my deputies, we're going to put our safety first,” said Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliot.

“Obviously, we want to render aid but if that individual makes some poor choices and poor decisions where we want to render aid to you, it's a poor choice on his part."

"I knew something was going to happen - I just had that gut feeling that he was going to hurt somebody or himself," Vernon said. 

None of the deputies were hit, but when they finally entered the home, they said the suspect was dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

"My condolences really do go out to the family because I really hated to see this happen," Vernon said. 

Two deputies, Lieutenant Kyle Johnson and James Burk, are now on paid leave which is standard protocol.

“At this point, it appears the deputies did what they had to do to protect the public and themselves,” said Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott. “But this department vows transparency in all we do, so I want the OSBI to independently examine everything that led up to this traumatic event.”

The OSBI is now investigating the incident.