Former OC Student Aboard Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight

Saturday, March 8th 2014, 8:20 pm
By: News 9

One of the three Americans aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been identified as a former Oklahoma Christian University student.

A spokesperson with the university confirmed with News 9 that 50-year-old Philip Wood, who graduated in 1985, was aboard the missing flight.

The passenger jet was last seen on radar at 5:30 p.m. (Greenwich Mean Time) at cruising altitude above the South China Sea. A manifest released by the airliner reported 239 people onboard, including the flight crew.

According to CBS News, the Vietnamese air force spotted two large oil slicks close to where the Boeing 777 went missing. It was the first sign to investigators that the aircraft may have crashed. 

While it has not been confirmed that the slicks are related to the missing plane, investigators say they were consistent with what would be produced by a crashed jetliner.

The LA Times identified the two other Americans on the flight as Nicole Meng, 3, and Leo Meng, 1.

What caused the aircraft to go missing is under investigation. Two of those listed on the manifest turned up two names of people who had reported their passports stolen. So far, there has been no sign of wreckage.