Residents Want Answers After No A/C All Summer At Tulsa Apartments

Wednesday, July 25th 2018, 9:45 pm

People living at Tulsa’s Waterstone Apartments want answers after spending this summer without air conditioning.

Many of the residents say it’s unfair that some people are sweating it out as their next door neighbors stays cool as can be.

“It’s gotten hot in here,” said resident Daniel Butts.  “I keep my thermostat between 65 and 69 and the other day it was 85 in my house.”

Daniel has lived at Waterstone Apartments with his wife and 3-year-old daughter for two and a half years.  He says the problem started last summer.  Maintenance recharged the unit and everything was fine, he said.  But this summer, he says the air conditioning hasn’t worked at all.

“Last I checked it was 78 and it’s not even the heat of the day yet,” said Daniel.  “We had a window unit in this window from the complex and the new maintenance guy came and told us they were going to have to take it.”

He says that unit is now cooling off his neighbor while he’s turning to fans, which is not just inconvenient – his daughter has health problems.

When asked about Daniel’s concerns, the property manager stated that she hasn’t received a complaint from him, even though Daniel says he has complained several times.

The property manager says, “I mean, I have one or two that are out, so it’s not an issue.”

But to the people who say they are having to sweat it out, it is an issue.

“The issues need to be fixed.  Quit putting everything aside,” said Daniel.

“I mean, to be honest, there isn’t much of a story,” said the property manager.  “I’m not really concerned about it.”

One of the other residents who reached out to News On 6 says her air conditioning hasn’t worked since May and she’s complained weekly to management.

She says the management promised a window unit or fans to everyone with an A/C issue last weekend, but not everyone got one.  She also says the complex turned off its emergency maintenance line last weekend.

The property manager says they are between A/C repair people and the new person is expected to start Thursday.